Affiliate Marketing How To Use Affiliate Marketing In Your Business | The Journey

How To Use Affiliate Marketing In Your Business | The Journey

– It’s passive income, you can do it while you’re sleeping, so every time I’m getting my beauty sleep, I’m getting paid all the money. – I like that. Welcome to The Journey, I’m Nealey. – And I’m Morgan. – And we’re your GoDaddy guides for today, and in this episode we’re talking about how to use affiliate marketing for your business.

All right Morgan, why don’t you tell us what is affiliate marketing? – So affiliate marketing, it’s super simple basically you’re a reseller for somebody else’s product or service, so anytime that you post a link about this product or you write a review or just have a link on your website, and one of your readers clicks and purchases that product, you get a small commission for every purchase. It’s easy, it’s awesome and basically you get to sit back and enjoy all the money coming in. – Right, it’s like passive income, right? – Yeah, it’s passive income, you can do it while you’re sleeping, so every time I’m getting my beauty sleep I’m getting paid all the money.

– I like that, I like it. – I don’t have to have my own products or services. I don’t have to deal with customer support, any of that. I just post about the products and services that I love and I use and then my readers get to reap the benefits ’cause they’re coming to my website they’re reading about my reviews, or whatever I’m posting about and if they like what I’m talking about and they end up purchasing, then I get a small kickback, it’s great. – I’m all about it right, especially sleeping and getting paid, like what better is that?

– Goals – Goals, #goals.

All right, so we know what affiliate marketing is, but how do we get started, like what’s those first steps? – So the easiest way to get started is to tap into your own community. So if you already have a community of people who follow you whether on your website, on your YouTube channel, on your Instagram, wherever it is, is go to them and start sharing the products and services that you love and using those affiliate links.

The next step is to take it to your fans.

‘Cause you’ll have members of your community but the next level are those fans, who basically your word is gold to them, and anything you do they will buy, right? – Right. – ‘Cause they just trust you, they love you, and so going to your community, going to your fans, but also tapping into the traffic that you’re getting from your website already.

Those people may not be part of your community, or your fans, they just might be finding you through google but they’re coming to you through google because you’re ranking high, and they’re finding articles and reviews and anything about that product or service that you’re talking about, so start with that audience first and you’re gonna have a lot of affiliated income.

– All right, so I really love the community aspect.

Can you tell us a little bit more about what you’ve seen others use as, to really tap into that community with affiliate marketing? – Yeah, there’s an example that I love. I’m a part of this Facebook group, it has over 100,000 members and it’s a private group so you have to request to be a part of this group. But it’s just for clothing and shopping deals. And so anytime that the admins find a great deal or you can ask like, “Hey I’m looking for Birkenstocks, “is there a deal on this,” they will go, they will find the best deal out there and they’ll share the link and then you’ll see everyone like, “Thank you so much, “I love it, it’s Christmas.

” – Right – But, you know people are excited to buy using that link. We all know it’s affiliate link, but we’re excited because we’re getting a deal and the admins are happy to provide us the link because they’re getting, – Right, they’re getting paid.

– All the money, yeah. – Sorry, I love that and especially you go back to it, getting paid while you sleep, and now those users can probably go on google and search for deals by themselves, but that’s the power of affiliate marketing, is you’re giving it to them and you’re basically doing a service and because of that, they’re going to buy your link. – I’m so appreciative that they can just go find the deal for me, my time is worth way more than searching for every single little deal that’s their job and that’s why they have their affiliates for these companies and so they can just do that for me and I can click the link and I can give them a little kickback, I’m happy to do that.

– All right, so tell me a little bit about how we should go about choosing who to, like what affiliate we should use? – Well, first off you should find affiliates for products and services that you love. You shouldn’t sign up for every affiliate program, just so you can get credit for all of these different things because that’s inauthentic and that’s not what your audience is coming to you for.

Most likely they’re coming to you for your niche, your specific category, the things that you focus on. So I would find those affiliate programs and sign up for those, and if this is your first time, just start small maybe start with one.

You can do the Amazon affiliate, you can do Target, there’s so many out there and go from there. – Right and what a lot of people use is the Amazon affiliate especially with the shopping, right? Like you go on on, find the product, get the link and get that kickback. – [Morgan] Yeah. – All right so I signed up for affiliate marketing, I’m ready to go, but I wanna get paid while I sleep.

How do we go about doing that? – Yeah, so every program is different. Some programs you’ll get paid every 30 days, if you have sales, some it’s different windows. Others, what’s really cool, is if someone clicks your link they have different windows with a tracking cookie on when a customer can purchase, so some you have 48 hours, and anything a customer purchases using that link you get credit for, some it’s 30 days.

So everyone is different, but you just got to look into it and know that it’s normal to to have a longer window, especially for customers to return products.

You’re not gonna get credit for something that gets returned. So just look in to it and know that it’s probably on a monthly or bi-monthly cadence. – And that’s super cool right, like not all of us are ready to buy it right now, we wanna just kinda check it out, but if we go back, it’s still your affiliate link. – Yup, yup. – That’s awesome, love it.

So I’ve got my affiliate marketing set up, I know how I’m gonna get paid and they’ve given me links and code and all this nonsense to me, right, what do I do with it? – First place is to start on your website. So you can put banner links on your side bar, if you’re doing a review post, you can put it at the bottom of the post.

I have an animation news and reviews website and so occasionally we’ll get product to review for the new Disney movies that came out, the new Blu-rays, and so I make sure on my post that I mention the Blu-ray at the beginning, that hey we’re reviewing the Cinderella Blu-ray, and I’ll include a link to the affiliate right there just so they know, hey I want this right now. – Right.

– I don’t want to read your review I just want to click and buy it. Right, and then I will do my full review and at the bottom I’ll have purchase, and it’ll have different affiliate links.

For my readers, I actually include quite a few, I include one for Amazon, I include one for Target, I actually include one for Best Buy because Best Buy does these crazy bundles and people like that. And so I just give my audience options so they can, after reading my review and deciding, yeah I want this, they can buy it where they want. – Right, and you can also use it on social media.

What’s super popular is people have their review on YouTube or whatever it is, and then in the description it’ll have some more info and then their affiliate link’s right there. – Yeah, so I go, for my website what I’ll do is I’ll go look at all the new releases coming out for the year and I’ll just auto schedule on the release date saying, “Hey, this is out on Blu-ray now,” and it includes the link. So, there’s a lot of ways that you can do this. Wherever your subscribers are, your followers are, your fans, your readers, get in front of them. And don’t, I mean, you got to really read your audience.

You don’t want to do it to much, where it’s like are you just a nonstop affiliate site? – I was about to ask you that, like how much is too much? ‘Cause I’ve been to sites and it’s literally like every other line is an ad and it’s just crazy to me. – Yeah and that’s up for you and what you want your site to be, if that’s what your site’s all about and people keep coming and they love it, great, but it’s up to you, how you want to balance your content.

But that reminds me of something that’s really important to do on your website is that you need to disclose that you are an affiliate.

So on that post at the top, very clearly, or at the bottom there’s full FTC guide lines on this, but you need to say this post contains affiliate links, by clicking on this we get a small percentage, this is how our site keeps running or you know my business stays running, it’s up to you how you want to phrase that, but you do need to call that out so that way people know okay this is what I’m getting into and then you could also have a link to your full affiliate disclosure statement, you know, which is a separate page where you can really detail everything out, all the affiliates that you’re members of and so on and so forth.

– And that’s so great that openness and honesty and transparency not just for regulations, but for your audience, your visitors, your customers. They want to know you’re someone they can trust, and when you do that and you give value to them they’re gonna want to give value back to you. – Yup, so affiliate marketing, super easy, you can get started today, again it’s a way to tap into your audience that already is coming to you for reviews, products, services. They love your content and it’s a way that, hey let me help you sort of thing, right?

– Absolutely, so comment below if you think affiliate marketing is right for your business.

While you’re there, smash that like button, subscribe and ring the bell, so you know when the next videos are out. This has been The Journey, signing off. .

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As you can see, you probably knowby. Now affiliate marketing is when you proyou, promote somebody else prize in return fora. Commission, you know you go on a marketplaceor, a network such as clickbank or jvzoo orwordpress and you’re gon na sign up as anaffiliate. Then you wan na pick a product they’regonna, give you a link, you know a track linkthat they link that link will track the cellto, your account, you know, and you’re gon na withthat link, you’re gon na place those links on forexample, a blog or a youtube description. You knowor something like that when people click on thelink and take a desired action such as purchaseor a sign up or something like that, you’re gonnaearn, a commission, i wouldn’t recommend you todo affiliate marketing.

You know like spamminglink, you know put your link everywhere. Likefacebook pages, you know youtube description, andall, those stuff. What i would do is instead createa lead magnet. You know something that you’re goingto give people for free. You know you’re going toteach them something on their niche.

On the on thearea of your interest and their interest. You knowyou want to build that likability and trust withyou. So eventually, they’re gon na be trusted. Clientsand they’re gon na buy from you anyway, affiliatemarketing profit margin can vary between 50 to 90for, every cell you make so affiliate marketing, isvery profitable, for example. If you are doing highticket when we, where is the sale of a productof, for example, that varies between a thousanddollars to a three thousand dollars more or lessimagine you’re selling, a thousand dollar productsand ten people buy from you, that’s ten thousanddollars in just ten people.

Imagine what youcan do if you have a email list of, for example, athousand people, you know and that’s the advantageof affiliate marketing and you don’t need to haveyour own products. You don’t need to deal with thecustomer support, you don’t need to handle paymentor, ship and all those stuffs, and you can work fromanywhere everywhere in the world. I hope thatyou see uh what i’m talking about here. So whatis your number one take away your friends. Videolet me know, by leaving a quick comment below ifyou want to learn more about affiliate marketingand the right way.

You know the right, strategyto affiliate marketing without feeling overwhelmedand all those headaches that comes with itwhen you’re, trying to do affiliate marketing onyour own i’m, giving away a free course that youcan, if you want you, can click the link rightbelow. This video and all you have to do is putyour email address and you’re gon na get four daysvideo training that will talk about everythingthat. I talk in this video about affiliatemarketing and much more in more details. You knowstep by step, so i really hope that you’ve got sometremendous values on this video see you take care.

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