Marketing What is digital marketing | digital marketing basics| digital marketing introduction| Tutorial

What is digital marketing | digital marketing basics| digital marketing introduction| Tutorial

Which is an introduction to digital marketing. Do any of these icons look familiar to you? Did you google, something today or check your facebook? Maybe did you see that funny video which went viral yesterday or did you read the tweet by that famous cricketer? If you did, then you are a part of the digital world, along with 3 billion other people, which is 40 percent of the world’s population.

Wow. That’S a large number and wherever there a huge number of people, there is huge marketing opportunity, which is what digital marketing is all about. At the end of this video, you will be able to understand what digital marketing is. It scope the channels identify the need to go digital, why companies have to include digital marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy and, of course, the basic objectives are digital marketing. What it’s used for, as I mentioned before, there are three billion people who are online today, which is close to 40 % of the world’s population.

Who are these people? What are they doing? How are they doing it? We’Ll take a look at that: 62 % of these people are browsing the internet through their computers or desktops 31 %, which is again a huge number, are doing school through mobile devices through their mobile phones. The smartphone revolution has made this possible and 7 % do so through tablets.

What is digital marketing | digital marketing basics| digital marketing introduction| Tutorial

You will be surprised to know that off the total time spent on media on electronic media or otherwise, 54 % of the time is spent on online media to 4 % that people spend on online media 28 % the social marketing, which is in most cases Facebook. 13 % is micro blogging, which again is about Twitter and the rest of the activities are a mix of updating blogs, reading news watching TV or online and other activities. What is this translate when people are spending so much time on media? There is huge opportunity for you to reach out to them during that time, and this is a result. If you will see this graph, you will notice that budgets for paid search, advertising and display advertising, both of which are fundamentals of digital marketing, have been increasing over the years this year.

It is estimated that there will be a spend of 126 billion dollars. The increase in digital spend is almost three times increase in the total ad expenditure for marketing. When we spoke about search advertising, where is this money being spent? This again is related to. Where is the time being spent?

This graph shows you that the Google search engine has a largest chunk, followed by Baidu and Yahoo and Bing when people invest on search advertising, they put up ads on the search Network. I’Ll show you what I’m talking about this is a Google search engine results page for a query office box for women. You will notice that, apart from the organic stuff that you see on the page actually, which is way down the page, the ads dominate the page. These are sponsored results and you will see a slightly yellowish orange tag indicating that they are ads. What happens if I have found a website that I want to go to, and then I leave the search engine page.

This is what happens in this case. I was looking for sites about cakes and baking, and I came to this website, but there’s an opportunity for me to see an ad here as well. So there you go how’s this for intention, a as you saw in a previous slide. 28 percent of your time is spent on social media, which in most cases is predominantly Facebook, but Facebook has space for ads too. In this example, you can see ads or furniture for child wear and for sunglasses, email marketing is another important branch.

Have you ever got emails about luhan’s or construction of you houses or about eBay or Amazon in a new office? If you have you know what I’m talking about, why are three billion people online? What is this thing about digital media? That is attracting everyone? Let’S see that in detail or a user, the digital media offers multiple channels and devices to do what they want to do.

They have a wide range of sites, the social media, to connect with to maintain relationships. This cross device integration – you can start on a desktop. Go through a mobile and end on your tab, there’s also better decision-making. This huge number of choices wan na buy a bag there. Ten sites that’ll offer you one with five sites, probably offering you better discounts than what you can get at the store and, of course they are easy to buy and return you’re going to come home and deliver to you.

And if you want to return it in most cases, they gon na pick it up as well and, of course, with one it’s another payment gateways buying online is easier than ever before for a marketer. There are loads of reasons. Relevance. I will compare this aspect to traditional advertising. If you are driving down a road and you see a hoarding about – let’s say jewelry, you may or may not be wanting to buy jewelry at that point, you may not have the money for it or may not be in a mode for it.

But if you are looking online and say want to buy your rings online, I want to buy jewelry online and you see ads that are relevant to you from a jewelry store. That has an extremely high degree of relevance as compared to the hoarding that you see on the road, personalization cases, Google and Facebook and other sites that you use collect a lot of information about you, which is legal. But they can use this information to create a better advertising experience for you. You can even see emails where your name is highlighted. For example, I see emails that read hello Jasmine.

Would you like a loan today or you could see ads that could be based on your previous browsing history? If you have been shopping for diapers for your kid, you could see ads that say: maybe you should buy a new diaper back again. Effectiveness is a big driver for digital marketing. Traditional media over time has become super expensive. Placing an ad in the newspaper or buying a holding for a month is a large outlay of money, whereas digital marketing can probably started off with one tenth of that investment.

What is digital marketing | digital marketing basics| digital marketing introduction| Tutorial

The digital media is also an extremely measurable medium. Going back to the example of the road and hoarding you may not have an exact count of how many people actually saw the ad on the touring. You will not know how many people went into your store because of that wording, and you will never know how many people bought that particular item because of what they saw on that particular Road. Unless, of course, that was the only marketing media that you were using at that point of time, but digital media, you can track this to the very last click. You will know how many people came to your site from where they came.

What they saw on your site and what they bought? What was the value of that purchase, and will they come back again? You can track that as well. Digital campaigns are extremely scalable campaigns. If I create a campaign for the US today, I can easily replicate it for India tomorrow there is no permissions involved.

There’S no time involved. It’S all done within a few clicks. How engaged can you be with the holding on the road? Can you talk to it and you change it? You can’t, but you can be super engaged with an interactive ad that you see on a website.

We will see examples later where you can actually make the ad work for you. You can make characters in the ads. Do different things by clicking a mouse around that is engagement. What do I mean by a level playing field if I were a small little business? Obviously, I will not have the monies involved to compete with a large player, a national player, but you can do so in digital marketing.

You can actually decide where your ads will show to how many people they will show and if your ads are of high quality. You might actually end up paying lesser, then the bigger players in your market and, of course there is the ability to go viral. How many of your friends ever passed down a paper cutting to you and said wow. Look at this ad not likely, but a lot of them must have shared a wonderful ad on their Facebook profiles and that multiplies that is free advertising. Let’S look at the objectives of digital marketing, driving sales and leads.

This is direct response, marketing, where your campaigns will get people to buy something from your website. In some cases they may not want to buy something but probably convert to a lead where they will sign up or a coat or sign up for a subscription, if you’re, a small brand that nobody knows about or if a huge plan but introducing a new product. A new addition to your product line and you want to increase brand awareness. Digital marketing is the answer for businesses that are not really selling a product and don’t need sales or leads or not. Advertising a product, but just want people to come to this site could be a new site, could be a blog about.

Cooking could be something about the environment that you want to talk about, basically you’re driving people to your site, and this can be done to digital marketing. User behavior is an important factor in advertising. There is a difference between how it is treated in traditional media and digital media. Let’S look at a few factors that matter in digital marketing, page of results. There’S a funny quote that I read the other day that the best place to bury somebody is on the second page of results, because they’re never going to be found.

If you are not in the first page of a search engines results, nobody is ever going to click in and see your ads. So it’s important to be in the midst of action, which is on the first page first fold. Is that part of the website that you see without scrolling down again most people are not involved enough to scroll down and therefore, if you want your message to be heard, it’s important to be in the first fold. We need a right mix of text and images too much text will make it look like a newspaper too bookish too much images will look like clutter. In fact, there’s a term called banner blindness where the brain is attuned to tuning out stuff, which looks like too much of ads.

So you need to have the right mix of text and images. Clarity of content. Somebody who comes to your website needs to understand what your website is all about. He shouldn’t have to be clicking through five or six links to get a gist or what your site is about. It needs to be there upfront, clear and easy to understand.

A call to action is a signal to the user about what he has to do. What do you want people to do when they come to your site? Do you want them to buy something? Do you want them to sign up somewhere? Do you want them to give them your email id?

What do you want them to do unless you tell them clearly, they are not going to be able to understand. Quick and easy navigation is very important fact. Have you ever been to websites, but you try hitting the back button and you come back out of the site. If you have that’s terrible, is it it? A user needs to understand how he can move from one page on the site to another, a prominent back button, a home button.

All this will help security security is a major concern because there’s lots of commercial transactions happening on the web. You put in your credit card details, you don’t want to be fished, but you don’t want to end up spending a lot of money unintentionally. The security is important in US resources in creating a secure atmosphere for your users, responsiveness in this world of social media, but people expect you to talk back to them. Brands have a very important responsibility of responding back to the user. If somebody posts on a brand’s page that I didn’t get this product or it was bad, it becomes important for the brand to respond back and say we’re sorry.

We will look into it. If you don’t, that leaves a very bitter taste in the users mouth so watch out for responsiveness. That brings us to the end of this model. Let’S take a look at what we learned. We learned that exponential growth and digital highway or the digital world is a huge opportunity for marketers users can be reached in various channels.

Search display, social media, email, marketing and more. The benefits of digital marketing are numerous of your important ones, are relevance, measure ability and scalability the main objectives, additional marketing and driving sales and leads clicks to your site or increasing brand awareness? And finally, we learned about how user behavior in the digital world is different from the traditional world and what this sets expectations for what factors are important when you look at a digital marketing campaign, thank you.

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Digital Marketing That Will Engage and Convert Customers | The JourneyDigital Marketing That Will Engage and Convert Customers | The Journey

– Welcome to the Journey. Today we’re gonna talk about digital marketing for success. – So if you want a successful digital marketing strategy, I’m sure you’ve heard content is king, right? – Yeah. I mean, it’s a phrase that’s widely repeated, but it should be because when it comes to the content, that’s really what’s key in order to succeed in a digital world.

So digital marketing 101, find the content that’s right for you. Often a misconception is that, oh, it needs to like always take on one form, but that’s not necessarily the case. – Exactly. I actually don’t prefer Twitter ’cause it’s just not my platform, on the other hand, LinkedIn is the one that I feel fits my personality and just how I interact with people on a regular basis. – Yeah and maybe words are hard for you, You hate words then Twitter, not so much the platform for you when it comes to digital marketing, not to worry, go to Instagram stories, you can get out a ton of great content in a more visual world, and that might be a better form for you.

– All right, Emma. So how do you decide which type of content is best for you? – My audience, right, like what is something that I can do that my audience is going to enjoy to see that being day to day, right. Or what’s something that gives me more than just a few ideas? And I’ve found with Instagram stories what I really leveraged is, I live in San Diego and a lot of people find San Diego to be a very desirable place to live.

And I would agree, one of the best places to live in the US, so I definitely leveraged that for my content, like this is a very San Diegan moment, whether I’m strolling through the farmer’s market, I’m using that IG stories or headed to the beach to catch a good surf, or if I’m skateboarding to the grocery, like these are all things that are very San Diego in their essence and my audience will tune in day to day to see that, especially for my childhood friends in Indiana, who experience not sunshine every day and get hit with some hard winters.

– So on my end, I know for me, I enjoy video because I have so much more that I can use to my disposal when communicating. My tone reflection, my eyes looking at you and making sure that you feel like I’m talking to you. And I definitely have a lot of gestures that I use with my hands and my body language. So for me, video is the best way for me to communicate.

I’m not, I don’t really care too much about writing, video I’ve been told by my audience and those that interact with me, they enjoy the energy that I bring across the video. – That’s awesome Sam, and one thing for all y’all listening at home, like, do something that you enjoy creating, do something that you’re good at, and that will definitely show in your video.

So you’re having a good time, I know mine is. – Definitely, and also to find out what you’re good at, don’t be afraid to just try things out, you don’t know unless you try, so just give it a go. – Dive in.

So the next digital marketing strategy, build out your mailing list. I know with email marketing, it’s really key that you’re collecting emails, so think about how you can do that. I know at GoDaddy for GoDaddy social specifically, what we do is we put out eBooks and even webinar in invites, which is free to download and join the webinar. So it’s great content, it’s educational content and in exchange for getting the ebook or the webinar registration, we’re collecting an email address and building out that list, which is really important that you have a way to connect and contact your potential customers or customers directly, and email’s a great way to do that.

Digital Marketing That Will Engage and Convert Customers | The Journey

– So if you’re already creating content in one medium, you can repurpose it as an email and just as Emma said, collect those email addresses.

So my day to day job at GoDaddy social, I often have to tell my clients that vanity metrics, they don’t really matter, the likes and the comments you want those yes, however, it doesn’t necessarily always equate to sales. When you have an email marketing plan, sometimes you can actually follow those metrics, click through and figure out what people are doing after they’ve received your email to see, okay, did that put money in my cash register? So keep that in mind when you’re putting all of this digital marketing strategy together.

What’s the end goal? You actually wanna bring money back into your business.

– Remember you gotta give your content time to grow. This is not something you can rush. Sure, we all know someone who went viral, I know Nealey with Tiktok, like a million views all of a sudden, I don’t know how it happened, but don’t, this is a rarity, really you wanna plan maybe six months of steady high quality content that you’re putting out there in the world and with that, just know, hey, this is gonna be a time commitment. You don’t expect some results overnight, or even within a month, I know we do that a lot at GoDaddy social when we bring people on board like, hey, we’re gonna manage your social media for you, which is great ’cause then you don’t have to do it, but hey, heads up, like, this is something that takes a few months to get the ball rolling, to see results.

– And I tell my clients all the time, yes, consistency and quality are so much more important than trying to go viral.

I even remember a situation where a customer asked me, “yeah, I wanna have my content go viral,” like, wait a second, slow down, it’s a lot of different moving factors that go into going viral but then think about what happens after that. You wanna have consistency, you wanna have a good digital footprint so having good quality content, coming out on a consistent basis, having an overall strategy that looks good and professional, that’s what you wanna look at because just in case someone doesn’t see you when you first post, whenever they do see you, they can then look at your track record and see all of your online portfolio that just speaks to who you are and what you offer.

– Yeah and they’re not gonna just look at that most recent posts or just your Instagram. We’re seeing it, consumers are bopping around, they’re going into your Instagram, they’re scrolling deep, they’re going over to Twitter, checking out what’s happening there. They’re going to Facebook also doing a little research.

So they’re really looking at, not just that day or that week, they’re looking at months of content across multiple platforms. See you wanna make sure you’re setting yourself up for success with this consistency and that’s again, letting your content grow, give it time. – And on the same note, we talked about quality content. You wanna make sure that you’re giving your audience value, you want them to continue to come back.

So if you have a subscriber they’re coming to you because you give them something that they can use, actionable advice or services that they actually trust.

So keep that in mind when you’re producing your content, what is in it for the audience member? – Totally and just like the examples we were sharing with the ebook from GoDaddy social and the webinar invite, it’s very clear that, hey, sure you give us your email address, what are you gonna get? Bullet points, you’re gonna learn X, Y, and Z and in the webinar, you’re getting a one hour of educational content. So notice, and it’s very clear with our messaging and the email, this is not a sales pitch, like you’re gonna get actionable items that you can put to use today, right after you download that ebook or join that webinar.

– So keep in mind too, with The Journey, we have so many videos that we actually do on different topics to help everyday entrepreneurs like you, do things that you need in order to make your business grow even more.

– Alright, that’s a wrap. You just learned digital marketing tips for success in 2020, comment below, we’d love to know what your favorite one was and like this video. – And make sure you subscribe to our channel and ring the bell so you’re notified we have fresh content coming out.

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